Head up the stairs into the graveyard and interact with the headstone marker on your right. You need to get to an interactive tap where Nate can use a grappling hook. Once you reach the far side, climb around the face of the cliff and drop down at the far end of the other side. Use your grappling hook, turn Nate left and start swinging towards the vertical wall with prominent objects that your hero can hold on to. Treasure: Traveling Inkwell with Seal While in the sliding area with the cliffside ruins, go to the back of the cliff and drop down on the farthest ruins. Grab onto the ledge and leap to the stone archway, then climb to the top. Chapitre 9 - Les Valeureux - Soluce Uncharted 4 : A Thief . Après avoir volé la carte-clé, vous entrerez dans la cuisine et verrez une cinématique. Nate will also contact Sully. Collect Carved Wood Kashkul. The most important location in this chapter is the graveyard where you find the mentioned grave and come across a large group of enemies. Your task is to point sparkling points at the correct crystals on the door. You can get to other ruins or explore the area mercenaries came from. Hop up to the platform above you and walk up the stairs and take down the guard at the window near the broken staircase (or pull him out the window if you prefer). Soon you will have to jump to two logs positioned in a horizontal way. U-turn to the left and enter the cave, then follow the pathway around to the right. The first Optional Conversation happens with Sam in front of the Jesus and the thieves statues after taking a note. Shimmy towards the mercs, and pull the first one over the edge when it's safe to do so. You can check the note (press X) and learn about other tips that can help you find Avery's grave - you can recognize it by a skull, crossed swords, and dates of birth and death. Use your grappling hook to reach a shelf above. You can now use your grappling hook on a nearby interactive tap. When you deal with your enemies, head left and soon you will reach a larger excavation. Reach the shelf where Sam is located and use your grappling hook again. This unofficial guide to Uncharted 4 A Thief's End contains all the information necessary to complete the game 100 percent and get the platinum trophy. You can find it behind the ruined buildings (if you are standing at the exit from the tomb, turn slightly left - it's in the distance). Treasure: Carved Nut Bottle Before climbing up the cliff by the first ruins, toss a stick of dynamite in the small cave to destroy the crates. Interact with each figure and rotate / move the beams of light to line up with the corresponding spots on the door. Begin combat by throwing dynamite at the remaining opponents (aim when there are 2-3 thugs next to each other). Use as many dynamite as you need, because you will be able to restock your supplies once the fight is over. Climb along the wall to your right and drop down into the long grass below to avoid being spotted by even more Shoreline jerks. Try to catch the upper ladder (you will fail to do that). Le premier barrage ouvert, ouvrez le second puis approchez-vous du globe terrestr Wait for him to get to the top, move left and grab his hand to climb up. Before you search for the grave, investigate the area on the left. Uncharted 3 chapitre 21 Chapitre 21 - L'Atlantide des Sables - Soluce Uncharted 3 . Dernier chapitre d'une saga devenue culte, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy doit non seulement passer après l'excellent Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (comme l'atteste notre test) mais aussi clôturer une série qu'on ne prend même plus le temps de présenter.Qu'on se le dise, au fil des épisodes, le studio américain Nautghy … This time hold on to the tap, jump down and lower yourself as low as possible. Approach a steep wall and plan carefully your next step. Les v'là donc ! Walk to the end of the beam extending from this platform and drop down to hang from it. Jump back onto the rock slide, this time steering for the climbable wall higher up on the left-hand side. Découvrez toutes les solutions, tips et astuces sur Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End : infos, avis, forum, challenges et vidéos. Approach the crosses and interact with the mechanism situated right under them. Nathan will find another treasure (Bronze Boar) inside. Chapitre 16: Le coffre au trésor Coupe d'argent et couverture: Ce morceau est probablement la pire partie de Drake's Fortune, où vous devez suivre les chiffres sur le sol. Slide down the right side of the gravel hill, then use your rope to swing across to the other side of the ravine. Once the battle starts, you may want to hide in the cave and make your stand there (especially when you play on one of the highest difficulty levels). If you wish to attempt to sneak through this area or avoid a full-scale gunfight, use the tall grass to move down and to the left (underneath the bridge) unseen. Uncharted Lost Legacy, soluce complète et emplacements des . Climb up the wall towards the right, then rope onto the next. Walk downstairs and explore the tomb. You should start by sneaking up to the closest opponent who is directly in front of you. Climb up the wall of the 3-story structure and pull over the guard on the ledge above you. Get back to the excavation site once again and explore the upper part. Finish it by landing on a small pole. Cette solution pour Uncharted 4: ... 4 solution solution jeu ps4 solution Uncharted 4 solutions jeux PS4 tous les tresors uncharted 4 tresors Uncharted 4 trucs uncharted 4 chapitre 1 a 22 zone à soluces zoneasoluces ← Previous Story Solution pour King’s Quest Chapitre 3. Although there is a shotgun in it, you don't have to use it. Your objective is to find a locked door in pirates' cave. Head through the arched doorway across from you, then make a U-turn to the left after mantling up onto the ledge. Devant l'entrée de la cité, montez l'échelle à droite puis essayez d'activer le mécanisme (image1). by Prima Staff. Nate won't be able to lift the gate by himself, so you need to wait for Sam. Uncharted 3 : L'Illusion de Drake, solution complète. Slide down the scarp and head right. Chapter eight is one of the longest in Uncharted 4, and Nate and Sam are in for a lot of exploring, climbing and fighting. Don't rush and explore the area presented in the screenshot. Don't attack them right away, because you can take them out in a very cunning way. In Chapter 12: At Sea, Sam and Nate discover a large room with a wheel in the center. Home » Uncharted 4: A Thief's End » Chapter 8 Treasures – The Grave of Henry Avery. Soluce Uncharted 4 a Thief's End : solution 100% complète du dernier Uncharted sur PS4. This page contains the walkthrough for Chapter 09: Those Who Prove Worthy in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.. Then, push the Ganesh and Parashurama pieces to the right back toward the tusk chopping painting. Treasure: Tortoise Shell Snuff Box After Sam and Nathan reunite at the top of the cliff, go back to where Sam climbed up and hang off the cliff. Search the new area once the explosion is over. During the final part of the slide, you will have to jump towards a vertical wall and grab an interactive edge. Drop it off the edge of the platform and continue moving it around the rock wall towards the door you originally destroyed. Bonjour à tous et bienvenue sur nos pages pour y découvrir sans plus attendre la présentation de la solution pour Uncharted 4… Stay clung to the wall to avoid being seen and shimmy all the way to the far end of the ledge, then pull the guard over the edge. There is one more slide in front of you, and you will have to use your grappling hook this time. Jump when Nate is near a vertical wall with an interactive edge. After returning to the surface, you'll need to avoid or eliminate a large amount of Shoreline troops in this area. Use the rope anchor on the tree across from this platform to swing to the wall below the dormitory ruins and climb up. Before reaching the door, however, you're interrupted by Shoreline mercs - eliminate them either via stealth or direct attack, then push the crate through the door and against the wall in the back corner and climb up to the top of the ruins. Perform a jump towards the higher wall and get to the upper shelf. Again, wait for the guard to approach and pull him over, then use the anchor point on your right to swing to the platform along the far wall. Once again you can shoot them down or try to sneak up to them and eliminate them silently. Jump to the next beam, and then to the staircase after that. Move up and use the grappling hook again to reach the upper tap. Head left and investigate all the rocks that you come across. There is a treasure (Pewter Singing Bird Box) on the barrels, on the left. You will come across a pit with two open graves. Watch the cut scene and head for the exit. Once you reach the chamber underground, make your way behind it and interact with the sconce on the backside of the tableau (across from the door). 20 € VB 81371 Sendling. Look around as Nate can find 11 treasures and add three new entries to his journal. The soldier of fortune that is heading from where you just came, can be killed directly by you, or by Sam if you let him take control over the situation. Chapter 8 The Grave of Henry Avery. Use long grass, or the very ruins (climb up and drop onto your foes). Uncharted 5 soluce Uncharted Lost Legacy, soluce complète et emplacements des . Kill your opponents, approach the scarp and slide down. You may also investigate a small cave located right under this place. Solution pour Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End By BiberB on 10 mai 2016. Then you can explore the upper or lower part of the location (hang on the edge or hide in long grass). You can eliminate its operator via accurate headshot (use your sniper rifle), or by throwing dynamite at him. Bienvenue sur notre solution complète d'Uncharted 3 : L'Illusion de Drake. N'oubliez pas de lire la description, de commenter et de vous abonnez si cela vous plait. Prepare yourself to press L1 and grab the left tap, before Nate falls to his death. Remember - one of the mercenaries has a Barok .44 revolver which you might have already collected. Reach stone shelves and use your grappling hook. You can use your current weapon for the incoming battle, or reach to one of the stone shelves on the right. Hide in the cave, after you deal with the majority of your foes. Avery's grave is located on the other side of the graveyard (see screenshot). There are six (6) major puzzles in Uncharted 4.Below we’ll reveal the solutions, and steps to solve each puzzle. The rest of your way shouldn't cause too much trouble. A treasure (Carved Ivory Vanitas) has been hidden in the place presented in the screenshot. Continue your journal until you get to stairs presented in the picture. Jump up to catch his hand and climb a large stone shelf with one of the crosses. You may want to take it, because it will make the process of killing your opponents much easier. Leap to the wall across from the base of the slide, then climb towards the left - when the Shoreline mercs appear, drop down onto the one below you, then perform a stealth takedown on one of the two up ahead (Sam will take care of the other one). Eliminate this fourth guard, then make your way to the tunnel entrance at the opposite end of this platform. Remember - If you want, you can try to sneak up to the main gate (without being spotted or attacking your foes) and unlock Ghost in the Cemetery trophy. Once you've climbed out of the ruins, head to the right and use your rope to swing off the tree branch and grab the cliffside wall across from you. We recommend that you play on Light difficulty level, as your enemies won't be easily alerted. Climb down to the platform where Sam ran to before the bridge broke and you'll find the treasure. Investigate it to unlock the entrance to the tomb. Swing on your rope and reach the safe spot. Now, take out the one that is situated on the right edge of the cliff - just sneak up to him from behind and let him fall to his death. Here's the path we took for getting through (mostly) unseen: Head to the large ruined structure in the center of the area, then climb over the doorway and drop down on the other side (to avoid being seen by the guard inside). Venez découvrir tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur la partie : Chapitre 22 : Le Monastère du jeu Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves dans son wiki ; Retrouvez tous les codes et astuces du jeu Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves pour PlayStation 3 et PlayStation 4. When he gets near, pull him over the edge and climb around the corner to swing from the anchor point to the next ledge. Look around as Nate can find 11 treasures and add three new entries to his journal. Take your time not to fall down. Partez ensuite tout à droite de la zone en longeant la falaise et en évitant de tomber (Uncharted2et3). Mantle onto the short ledge then head through the small stone arch and climb up the rear wall. Comptez entre 8 et 9 heures pour terminer le jeu en “Normal”, le mode de difficulté médian. Get back to the top and pick the only available path. Press circle to drop onto an enemy and tackle him. uncharted 1 soluce chapitre 4. uncharted 1 soluce chapitre 4. novembre 3, 2020 10:19 â Place STATUE TEAR and STONE CROWN; take DEATH MASK and JOURNAL TOKENS 2/2 (X). It's next to the sarcophagus. The key problem is that one of the mercenaries is a sharpshooter. Grab the dynamite out of the crate in the middle of the site and use it to destroy the large gate ahead of you. Head forwards across the field, then follow the snow drift down the hill to the right. Use the poles to swing to the ruined wall, then climb around the corner and up onto the top of the arched doorway. Although the laser scope will reveal his location, it is best to stay hidden for as long as possible. Again, jump at the bottom to avoid death, then (once the rocks crumble beneath you) climb around the corner to your right. The presented screenshot shows location of Mettler M-30 sniper rifle. Nate will have to jump over some sort of a barricade. The main part of our guide is the very detailed walkthrough for all chapters of the game, which includes, among other things, hints on how to avoid or eliminate opponents (including bosses), information about the best routes … You will get through this location via narrow wooden bars. Collect the secret and head back up. Jump towards a steep slope and continue sliding down. Un peu d'aide pour avancer dans le jeu. Soluce Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves, guide, astuces . Treasure: Persian Tailoring Scissors Under the short staircase after jumping across the beams above the sunken pirate ship. Wait for Sam to join you and approach the two remaining thugs. Enter the graveyard and open Nate's journal (touchpad) and access the previous page. Scale the ruins that are dangling over the cliff's edge and shimmy across to climb down the far side. Position yourself directly above the beam below you, then drop down. Use wooden fence only if you really have to. Les valeureux - Soluce Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End .. ement du chapitre 9 d'Uncharted 4 intitulé Les valeureux ; Sommaire du chapitre 9 dédié à tous les collectibles de la mission Les valeureux d'Uncharted 4 dans lequel vous serez à l'intérieur d'une grotte poursuivi par Nadine et Rafe Duck through the small cave, then leap onto the rock slide on the other side. Take out the soldier patrolling the far side of the yard (on ground level) first by performing a drag-takedown into the long grass. Reach the ladder and wait for Sam. Use the rope to swing over the debris and drop onto the hill behind it. Deal with your enemies and locate the gate presented in the screenshot. Journal Entry #1The first journal entry in this chapter is to the left of the graveyard entrance over a short wall, about the dug-up grave there. Locate a tree with the last interactive tap. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Get back to the excavation site and investigate its center to locate a chest with dynamite. You will have to swing and jump forward. It's next to the sarcophagus. The central statue (Jesus) aligns with the top and bottom spots, while the right statue (Gestas) illuminates the top-left and bottom-right of the remaining spots and the left statue (Dismas) illuminates the final two. Slide down the rocky hill to your left, then use the raised platform to jump onto the fallen column and across to the clifftop on the other side. Climb up and, when neither guard is looking, dart through the lower courtyard and climb onto the ruined floor of the section ahead of you. Otherwise, you can go back to the locked gate that you used to get to the graveyard. of the ruins you just climbed across. To avoid detection, roll through the long grass and hang from the edge of the cliff. Reach another steep slope; slide down in straight line and grab an interactive edge presented in the screenshot. After descending from the top of the cliff, you'll run into a few Shoreline mercenaries. Move forward but head to the lower part of the glade, and proceed not far from the large cliff. If you want, you can explore the graveyard and ruined objects scattered all around. There are no other treasures that you can collect here, but you will encounter some enemies, and it is recommended that you get to know the area by that time. Use this to wall-run to the left and get onto the landing there, and use the third rope anchor (above where you started from) to swing back towards the top of the cliff. Vous trouverez également une section guide vidéo qui reprend tous les niveaux en vidéo sous forme de guide. Laissez ensuite Sully s'en occuper pendant que vous monterez sur les poids à droite pour atteindre une autre plateforme (image2). You should take some more dynamite and only then push the container. Few more enemies will come; they will be located higher than you, and will also be able to flank you. You should try to take out some of your opponents silently, Dynamite is perfect to eliminate large groups of enemies, At some point, Sam will help you climb up, You can fight from a short distance or strike your opponents with your sniper rifle, Turn towards the right wall before you start swinging on your rope, Shoot your foes from a distance, or eliminate them silently, During your last slide, you will have to use your grappling hook, Investigate the open grave to unlock another entry in your journal, It is good to eliminate at least some of your opponents silently, You can fight from a position near the entrance, Use your grappling hook twice in the presented spot (from both sides), You can throw the nearest mercenary off the mountain, You may throw dynamite at the sharpshooter, You may want to defend yourself in a cave with a shotgun, Finding Henry Avery's grave at the graveyard, Encountering the third group of mercenaries, Encountering the forth group of mercenaries, Set the sparkling points on the left so that they will match crystals 1 from the picture, Set the sparkling points in the middle so that they will match crystals 2 from the picture, Set the sparkling points on the right so that they will match crystals 3 from the picture.